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Henry Glass - Winter Frost - Flannel - F9224-89 - Winter Scene With Animals - Grey/Red

Jan Shade Beach is an accomplished designer from Harvest, Alabama. She licenses her images to 25 companies in the gift market. Her wide variety of styles and enthusiasm to learn new techniques make her a perfect match for the ever-changing trends in the marketplace. Jan’s artwork is constantly evolving. She is inspired by the subtle, touching, hectic and humorous things that make up a day. Friends and family all know of Jan’s fun and adventurous personality. She has tried sky-diving, white-water rafting, zip-lining, etc. and is never afraid to face a new challenge.

“Holiday Frost” is Jan’s first fabric line. She welcomed all the great advice from the Henry Glass team and appreciated them walking her through the process. Jan started out her career as a graphic artist and has always liked the simple, clean, crisp lines and the red/white/gray color combination for Christmas. She grew up in a house on Shady Knoll Drive and her grandparents lived on the same street only 10 houses away. There were lots of great memories made there, so that’s why her line is from “The Shady Knoll Archives.”

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